With striking looks and serious choice, pre-built designs are flexible, faster and cheaper. Why pay to reinvent the wheel?

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From blogs to e-commerce, we build in the features you need. Wix is strong on plug-in apps, multimedia support and cloud storage.

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Tablet and mobile users expect a faster-loading, custom version of your site. Wix generates a parallel
one automatically.

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Apps to help users find

you, built-in search engine support with keywords and meta tags - and all Google Analytics friendly.

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People vote with their feet. Monthly hosting packages are competitive, so Wix has excellent retention among paying customers. 

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Web browser managed, it's easy to pick up if you plan to cut running costs. Let someone else worry about hosting and security. 

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Your site's layout and interface directly affect user bounce. Truly well-designed content should be a pleasure to use.

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Written content isn't always the best way to help clients get what they need from your site. Ensure your content reflects this.

We build
smart sites:
smart on cost, at connecting your users, and for keeping them happy


We all like to know what we're buying before we pay. That's why we build sites using Wix. It's also why this is a Wix site.


You're unlikely to need a site built from the ground up. Most smaller firms in the Northamptonshire area

don't. With Wix, you select from hundreds of designs and we tailor it to your needs. It's that simple. So you know you'll love what you're buying before you pay because you chose it. Plus, you'll know you're spending a whole lot less too.









We want your visitors to be happy. Happy visitors are good for business. Happy visitors come back. That's why we always seek creative ways to connect your users to what they need from your site. Before a single page is laid out, we establish what you are offering your visitors and what you want from them.

How your content is presented is integral to building a successful site. Sticking rigidly to even the most beautiful templates doesn't always make for a user-friendly experience. Your content may need to be presented in a more logical or visual manner or your site may need a more intuitive layout.

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Our sites help more visitors to find you. They include a mobile version and integrated search engine optimisation to help you improve your ranking. We can show you how to use Wix's search app, add meta tags and localise your site, or we can include optimisation basics as part of your site-building package.

We can also add a ton of useful apps and tools to boost your business in areas such as marketing. Monitor how visitors behave through tools like Google Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Or, add social tools that allow visitors to 'like' your site, connecting you to their networking channel.

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Browse over 500 highly-rated designs, from brochure sites showcasing your products or services to e-commerce ones. Choose the look, features and plug-ins you like, then outline anything you want us to individualise.


It's fast and flexible, substantially streamlining the build process. Personalising layouts, colours and fonts or adding features like blogs, galleries, forms or forums are generally straightforward. We can upload your own media or source, adapt or create new visual content. Bottom line: your site feels custom-made but costs a whole lot less. That's why this is a Wix site.


We charge a one-off fee for building your Wix site, starting from £200. You choose the hosting package you need and we'll set it up for you. After that, it's all yours. You'll have a one-year contract with Wix and sole access to manage your content yourself if that's your wish. 

You might find cheaper quotes, but Wix genuinely is competitively priced. Many Premium monthly packages include unlimited bandwidth, as well as free domain and ads. Regular 50% off deals start from under £4, or £5 for small business sites, including a secure e-store. All Wix sites are HTTPS enabled for data encryption.

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