From subheads to slogans, marketing documents and menus to ads and reports, your syntax and spelling speak volumes.


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Nike is or Nike are? We keep all your copy consistent or develop a new house style. Language and structure must suit your purpose.

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Editing in keywords used by clients to find you is a start, but we focus your content on building the links and authority Google loves.

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Our objective eyes junk the jargon and cut the clichés to keep your copy pulsing with clarity, focusing on your message and goals.

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It's not just what you
say but how you say it that is the key to engaging and persuading. The right tone gives your words impact.

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Content must have
purpose. We help establish how effective yours is and implement a content strategy for your site.


Free Google data and
user feedback telling you where traffic bounces are valuable tools for reviewing and improving content.

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Storytelling or developing
a new persona and content to raise brand awareness need careful editing to help you stand out from rivals.

Any copy,
any purpose. Essential, creative and specialised editing, we even
do the big

Written content is king both online and off. It's your website's lifeblood, the muscle moving your marketing and the heart pumping your social. Let us look after yours.


Expert proofreading and editing perfect your copy at any stage of



your project. We polish pitches, tweak taglines and give your words more punch per page. We cut visitor bounce, improve site conversion and seduce the search spiders. As editorial specialists, we can help you assess and develop your website content strategy too.









We specialise in helping your words to connect with your readers online and off. To evaluate how effective your current written content is, we review it from top to bottom - everything from headings or button text to copy tone and engagement.

Core metrics like user-friendliness, accessibility, relevance and the value of your current content in relation to your message, branding and goals help us work out what needs doing. We make time to understand your business or organisation before making recommendations. Establishing how you want to develop your site, brand or marketing and content strategies is our start point for successful editing.

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Copy editors improve the quality of your written content. It's our craft. We worry if your sentences are correctly punctuated, which style guide you use, or if your report reads like a report. We make all your words sound professional.

Poor styling can grate, but cardinal sins like misspelling and bad grammar don't just turn clients off - Google has long known of a correlation between these and PageRank. As user experience gets ever more important online, so does the quality of your writing. We ensure you get the essentials right, editing your site line by line or proofing new digital content and print documents before they go live. 

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Content is one of Google's top three ranking factors. We consider yours from your perspective and your visitors'. What do you want? What do they want? How can we oxygenate your content to help them achieve this and your site to succeed?

Poorly-written content was one of the main reasons almost three-quarters of sites failed marketing evaluations by one of the UK's most popular site graders. We help you to find the right voice to speak to your clients and develop the tone that keeps them listening. Creative editing connects your site together, you with your visitors and your digital and print communications to your message.


Converting your marketing data into worthwhile web content is a fundamental part of any plan to improve your site's writing. We can work with your existing research and consultants or help you to start collecting and using your own.


Google's free Analytics, Tag Manager and Keyword Planner tools are great starting points. They highlight valuable information about who your customers are, your least effective pages, and ways to improve how your visitors find you and experience your site. We can show you how to use this to make present and future written content more relevant and easier to find for potential clients.  

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